What’s up with People’s Puppets?

Hello FB. Our friends, The BoxCutter Collective need folks to come help them perform a few dozen puppets at The Mermaid Day Parade this Saturday! They're teaming up with the Sunrisenyc to bring a big bad-ass green new deal message to the masses! Complete with menacing mermaids and a rocket ship from the future!
email me if you can come! joe.yes.yes@gmail.com
we're meeting up on saturday (time and location to be emailed out soon)

the parade proper starts at 1pm

should be done by 3 or 4!

We can use your help, spread the word!!

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1 month ago

The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street

On the morning of March 16th, a committed crew of climate activists from the Rainforest Action Network and Extinction Rebellion took on Chase Bank, the largest investor… ...

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