What’s up with People’s Puppets?

Four years ago today, we enacted the liberation of Chelsea Manning in the NYC Pride Parade -- this year, Chelsea was able to attend the parade in person. Free all whistleblowers and political prisoners! Free whistleblower Chelsea Manning ...

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The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street shared No Justice No Pride's photo. ...

"There are no queer friendly cops" Love to our comrades in NYC today! ✊️ Look what they did...

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New Site!

We have a new website! It will definitely be undergoing changes as we add content and modify the style, but it’s a start! In the meantime, you can visit our Facebook page for a LOT of beautiful content.


The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street was founded in Zuccotti Park, in the first two weeks of the Occupation of New York City. It continues on as a collective that helps other activists build beautiful and effective visuals for actions.