What’s up with People’s Puppets?

#WhyWeRise #RiseNY RSVP at this form: actionnetwork.org/events/climate-jobs-and-justice-now-is-the-time-for-action?source=SANEenergy ...

TUNE-IN: New Yorkers gear up toward #RiseNY on September 6! Drop questions in the chat box, and sign up to join us: pcmny.org/events Speakers sharing #WhyWeRise represent: - New York City Environmental Justice Alliance - WE ACT for Environmental Justice - Sane Energy Project - Zero Hour NYC - Peoples Climate Movement - and more!

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Busy busy busy #climatejustice ...

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Thank you to these members of the Youth Advisory Council from the Climate Museum for speaking today! #thisiszerohour

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Art Build 1 of many for Sept 6 #RiseForClimateJobsJustice event. ...

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New Site!

We have a new website! It will definitely be undergoing changes as we add content and modify the style, but it’s a start! In the meantime, you can visit our Facebook page for a LOT of beautiful content.


The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street was founded in Zuccotti Park, in the first two weeks of the Occupation of New York City. It continues on as a collective that helps other activists build beautiful and effective visuals for actions.